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Baeynh is in the legal-tech industry that is thriving over recent years. Simply, Baeynh is an e-legal app that helps to get advice by connecting licensed lawyers and people seeking legal consultations and services. The client can pay and get the services within the app easily and conveniently.

Our core advantages include attorneys within different specialties, providing services at affordable prices and quick response times. Baeynh saves its’ customers time while they are in search of a lawyer. It is also worth noting that everything we do can be tracked on your mobile. Baeynh.com is an innovative website disrupting legal-tech startup.

Baeynh decided to work with Clemta due to the complete post-incorporation procedure Clemta offered. Baeynh is a legal-tech startup with aspirations to disrupt the sector. However, forming a company in the United States was not enough for Baeynh.

As a startup, Baeynh needed a partner that will take care of all the conditions their investor is asking for. Their investors were picky, they requested a set of tailor-made documentation that would comply both with U.S. and U.K. legal systems.

Getting professional attorneys in both countries and ordering the draft of company paperwork such as bylaws was against the cost-efficiency motto of their startup.  As Clemta, we strive to help startups on their journeys’. After several meetings, the investors approved the post-incorporation set of Clemta and thus, our partnership with Baeynh began. Now, Baeynh is operating its’ U.S. company with the legal structure Clemta has built.