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Clemta has been the trusted by founders of Cepicep. Cepicep has partnered with Clemta for its legal paperwork and consultancy. What is Cepicep? Simply put, it is a marketplace for smartphones.

Marketplaces make it convenient to offer bargains to customers. It is inevitable to see the importance of marketplaces with the rise of Amazon. It shortens the response time and this is beneficial for the seller and the buyer.

Cepicep is an innovative and secure smartphone marketplace. Cepicep offers AI-supported phone grading. With their unique phone grading system, now buyers and sellers can grade their phones in the comfort of their homes. Their secure escrow system provides a reliable payment solution for phone buyers. Both buyers and sellers do not have to worry about the transactions.

In Cepicep, verified phones need to go through performance and physical grading processes. After the grading is completed, the phones are listed within the suggested price range, therefore removing the need for trust between buyer and seller.