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HYPE Sports Innovation

HYPE is the biggest sports accelerator in the world that is aiming towards investing in sport startups that can drastically have an effect on the world.  Since day 1, their goal is making the hay while the sun shines. Their global vision led them to Turkey for creating one of the biggest sports accelerators in the country. In order to do that, they unite forces with the biggest sports club in Turkey: Fenerbahçe. In 2018, they have opened the biggest local accelerator in Turkey. 


But a problem occurred. Since they have a high number of startups in the batch, it was very hard to incorporate, post-incorporate, and make the necessary investments in time. Although the acceleration process starts in Turkey, eventually they had to make these fillings in the United States. Imagine you must open an Incorporation, finish the Post-Inc. files and start negotiating investments in 3 weeks. But not for once, over 50 times in a month.


With Clemta’s automated and self-made service, HYPE managed to get all of their clients’ paperwork and filing done in few days. No matter how big the batch was, service was fast and precise; without harming startups.