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Rakam is an affordable full-stack & unified analytics platform that is fully customizable to all your data analysis needs. It's full-stack, connecting to a plethora of platforms ranging from Intercom to Pipedrive and ad dashboards: no need to use any other data warehouse or BI product.

In March 2018 Rakam had some rough times determining the future. They did not know what will happen next and they were practicing in an area that is probably the most difficult one: Analytics. Especially when your business based in Turkey, like the rest of the World, it was very hard to pull through an analytic business model back then.

Since we have so many possible ways to incorporate our business abroad nowadays, they managed to open their company in the United States. But they were still struggling with problems such as; what should we produce? What will the pricing be? Should we concentrate on the growth or lean on sales?

While these problems holding them busy, they have had a chance to get an investment from 500 Startups in the United States. This was incredible news for everyone involved but there still was a problem: In order to get an investment in the United States, you should have done your Post-Incorporation process.

With the help of fast and trustworthy service from Clemta, Rakam completed their Post-Inc. process fairly quickly and pulled off an incredible investment from 500 Startups and got their marks in the history of Turkish startups. Now they are operating from both Istanbul and California and their service can reach clients all around the globe.