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Vivoo was trying to create an App that tracks your health, lifestyle, and diet. To make these things happen, they needed to collect sensitive data from customers all around the World. As everybody knows, health data privacy is such a complicated process to handle. Imagine you’ve got customers all around the World and you are trying to improve their health by using their health data such as urinal info, height, weight, diet and etc. To collect those pieces of information, they wanted to have a company that has rock-solid policies and terms of use. Also, the company should operate without breaching sensitive principles. The key to these futures is incorporating your business in the United States.


If your customers are global, your policies and your company must also be global. To make those things easily understandable and legit they wanted to incorporate their business in the United States.


By using Clemta, they achieved their goals in such a short time and now they are operating all around the World. Taking subscriptions all around the globe, providing their service to their customers in such a unique and the most importantly; ethical way. Healthcare is a crucial topic, it must be handled by professionals. Every policy that has put into Vivoo’s app, must have been globally applicable.


With our sensitive and personal support, every business can have its own personal policies. Vivoo has got it. Of course, with a very short amount of time. You can have these services automated and created just for your business at the same time. They did not take their chances of making mistakes on crucial topics like their company’s policies. And it seems it is working just fine.