Expedited Incorporation & EIN Service
Need to get your business off the ground fast? Clemta can help speed things up! You can always accelerate your business formation and EIN process with us and kickstart your business sooner than the rest. With this accelerated service, you can significantly reduce the typical processing times as follows: Forming a company in Wyoming? We'll get it done in just one business day, instead of a week. Starting a business in Delaware? Skip the standard two-month wait and have your company ready in just three business days. Applying for an EIN? We can cut the usual 4-6 weeks wait time down to 2-4 weeks. So why wait? Choose Clemta's expedited service, and let's fast-forward your business success!
Yearly Bookkeeping with CPA, up to 500 Transactions per year
Our CPAs diligently maintain your company's financial records year-round, providing you with a clear and detailed snapshot of your business' financial health whenever you need. With our top-tier bookkeeping service, you can keep your financial records organized, monitor transactions, generate comprehensive reports, and base your growth strategies on solid financial insights. While our specialists handle your financials, you can sit back and relax! * Our package covers bookkeeping of 500 transactions annually; however, you can always upgrade your package when needed.
Quarterly CPA Consultation
Quarterly CPA consultation service takes business support to the next level! These meetings offer you the opportunity to discuss your financial questions & concerns, strategize for growth, and receive expert advice tailored to your unique business needs. With Clemta, you're not just buying a service but investing in your business' future.
Sales Tax Registration & Quarterly Sales Tax Filing
Sales tax may be challenging, with several states imposing penalties and fines when the filings are delayed/missed. But with Clemta, you can leave those concerns behind! Our proficient team handles your sales tax registration, ensuring the process is executed accurately and swiftly. Once the application is approved, we take care of all ongoing sales tax filings within your incorporation state throughout the year. Our reliable service guarantees that your sales tax returns are diligently prepared and filed on time, providing peace of mind and confidence in your tax compliance. You simply provide us with your financials, and we take care of the rest, allowing you time to focus on scaling your business. * Sales taxes are calculated based on income, the company’s incorporation state, and state the company makes sales, etc. These taxes are not included in the package and invoiced separately.
Business Address with Unlimited Mail Forwarding Service
Clemta offers a principal business address where you can register your company and receive all company-related documentation. With our virtual address solution, you protect your privacy by using our location and enhance your professional image. But we offer more than just an address! Enjoy the benefits of our mail forwarding service, where you can receive regular mail uploaded to your account on the same day. With our mail forwarding service, staying connected with your business partners has never been easier. Whether you are a busy freelance entrepreneur, a frequent traveler, or a non-US resident, do not worry about staying away - you simply need to be connected to your email to receive your mails. Focus on what truly matters while we handle all documentation for you. * We offer mail forwarding service up to 5 scans/per year in our Starter and Growth Packages, while there’s no limitation in the Premium Package.
Premium Legal Documents
Kickstart your US business with Clemta's more comprehensive document base, which includes an extensive set of legal documents, such as operating agreements, post-incorporation sets, and company books. Our team of experts will draft and finalize the necessary initial documentation tailored to your business needs per your instructions. With Clemta, you'll have everything you need to establish a strong foundation for your business right at your fingertips.
U.S. Phone Number
A US phone number provides a professional presence even if you reside outside the United States. So this will bridge the gap between your US-based customers and provide privacy & security if you want to protect your personal phone number. Overall, obtaining a US phone number can be advantageous for anyone seeking to enhance communication, expand business opportunities, save on international call charges, and access specific US-based services or features.
Compliance Reminders (E-mail & SMS)
Maintaining your company's good standing has never been so easy! We send you regular compliance notifications via e-mail and message throughout the year, assisting you in keeping your business in line with all state and federal-level regulations. With this service, you'll never miss an important deadline or face possible sanctions like administrative dissolution, accrued penalties, and interests.
30% discount on ITIN Application (up to three individuals)
An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax number assigned for non-US residents looking to file their individual tax returns or open certain payment gateway accounts (like PayPal). We understand the complexities of the ITIN application and take the load off your hands with our top-notch service. Have we also mentioned that the IRS officially assigned us their Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)? This empowers us to expedite the ITIN application process with exceptional accuracy, further streamlining the process. With Clemta, you can trust that your ITIN application is in experienced hands.
30% discount on Trademark Registration (in one class)
Want to protect and create a legal basis for your brand logo, slogan, or name? Using our trademark registration services, we will provide you with a free lawyer’s check, assisting you through the process to enable a deep understanding of any risk associated with the registration. Our team of professionals are ready to help you with whatever questions you may have and provide your brand with protection against use of your brand, allowing you to expand your business on the international market and prevent potential infringement. A registered trademark can be a valuable asset for brand identity and marketing efforts. It distinguishes a product or service from competitors and helps create a lasting impression in consumers' minds.
Payment Gateway Application Support (Stripe & PayPal)
Payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal, can push your business by gaining the trust of your customers and making transactions more seamless for them. Such platforms offer various advantages, like physical credit cards and digital wallets, and broaden the spectrum of your customers' purchase ability. We are ready to assist you with opening your account by not only providing all the necessary documents for the application, but also working through the application process to ensure your application is as strong as it gets.
Marketplace Application Support (only for Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify)
Opening a seller account in marketplaces (like Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify) can be tricky and overwhelming at first. Clemta is your trusted partner not only for company formation & financial management but also for your business. We are ready to assist you with furnishing all required documentation for the application, as well as guiding you through the entire application process to ensure your application is as strong as it gets.
2 x 30 Minute Business Consultancy Meeting
We're just an email away, ready to assist you in forming and managing your U.S. company from anywhere in the world! Furthermore, we provide a 2x30-minute business consultation session as part of your package. This is a dedicated opportunity to answer your questions and furnish you with valuable insights concerning the formation process, banking alternatives, taxation at both state and federal level, accounting practices, and more.