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Welcome to Clemta Global, your one-stop platform to register an offshore company in tax-friendly countries. We specialize in offshore company registration in the world’s most popular and tax-friendly jurisdictions.
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We’re more than just a registration service. As your strategic partner, we’ll help you achieve your goals with expertise and tailored solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Our customized strategies align with your industry and growth goals, setting the stage for optimal success in an offshore company.

Client-Oriented Approach

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is built on three foundational pillars: Clear Communication, Transparency, and Responsiveness.

Trusted Offshore Guidance

Transform the daunting process of company registration into a seamless experience and embrace expansion with confidence, powered by Clemta.
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Offshore Business Registration

Clemta Global provides a fully online platform for launching your offshore business easily and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:
Need Guidance?

The Process Explained

Clemta Global suggests the best jurisdictions tailored to your requirements. Options include renowned tax-friendly countries like the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Cayman Islands, UAE, and Seychelles.

Personalized Offshore Company

Collaborate with our experts to craft a strategy, considering local regulations, tax benefits, and offshore company setup compliance essentials.

Efficient company formation

Clemta simplifies offshore business registration by managing all legalities and paperwork for swift incorporation in your selected jurisdiction.

Continuous Support, Compliance

Beyond setting up offshore companies, we ensure compliance with local statutes and regulations and keep you updated on changes.
List of Countries

Expand Your Business to the Global Market

Explore the list of countries below where we can help you start your business.
  • Zero corporate income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.
  • Confidentiality and privacy protection for company owners.
  • Fast and efficient incorporation process with Clemta’s expert guidance.
  • Benefit from extensive legal asset protection frameworks.
  • Strategic location for accessing Asian markets.
  • Low corporate tax rates and various tax incentives.
  • World-class infrastructure and a business-friendly ecosystem.
  • Rely on Clemta’s expert advisors to navigate regulatory complexities.
  • Zero direct taxes, including no income tax, capital gains tax, or corporate tax.
  • Political stability and a well-established legal system.
  • Access to global investors and a strong financial services sector.
  • Let Clemta handle the paperwork while you focus on your business goals.
  • Diverse economy with a focus on innovation and technology.
  • Tax-free zones and custom-tailored business incentives.
  • Access to a vast talent pool and a multicultural environment.
  • Trust Clemta’s expertise to navigate local regulations with precision.
  • No corporate tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality for company owners.
  • Fast and straightforward incorporation process with Clemta’s guidance.
  • Let Clemta simplify the process while you focus on your entrepreneurial vision.
  • Fast and fully online Incorporation with Clemta.
  • Proximity to one of the world’s biggest consumer markets.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality for the owners
  • Access to Capital Market and Possibility of getting investment

Trusted Worldwide: Serving Across 103+ Countries

Real success stories from small business owners to enterprises! You can find our clients’ experiences below and discover how Clemta can help you turn your dream business into reality.
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