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Receive customized assistance to help you successfully close your business before the state and federal authorities.

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Stay in compliance by filing final returns and dissolution certificates to mitigate any legal risk for directors and officers. 

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By fulfilling all legal obligations, you can protect your personal credibility in the US for future ventures.

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Dissolving a business is more complex than forming one, but no worries! Clemta’s professional team assists you before all state and federal authorities to formally close your business and stay compliant.
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From drafting application documents to representing you before the federal authorities, our expert team will assist you throughout the whole process. 

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Our business specialists will handle all necessary paperwork and submit dissolution filings directly to the state and federal authorities, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.

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We gathered all commonly asked questions regarding the dissolution process below:
Company dissolution refers to the formal bureaucracy of closing a business entity. This process involves legally ending the company’s existence at the state level where it’s registered, and with the federal government, typically before the IRS.
Dissolution is necessary to legally terminate the existence of a company. Without formally dissolving, the company may continue to incur taxes, filing requirements, and potential penalties. It’s a crucial step to ensure that all liabilities and obligations of the business are properly settled.
Yes, each state has its own specific requirements and procedures for dissolving a business. It’s important to follow the guidelines of the state where your business is registered.

The time frame can vary depending on the state and the complexity of the company’s affairs. Typically, it can take several weeks to months.

If a company is not formally dissolved, it can continue to accrue taxes and penalties, and the owners might remain liable for certain legal and financial obligations.

There are certain stages you need to follow to dissolve your company in compliance:

1. Get the Green Light: Start by getting approval from your company’s board and shareholders. This is an essential step to ensure everyone agrees to dissolve the business.

2. File the Necessary Paperwork: Submit the Articles of Dissolution to the state where your company is registered. This is like an official goodbye notice to the state, letting them know your company is closing.

3. Inform and Settle with Creditors: Reach out to anyone your company owes money to and settle those debts. This step is about making sure all financial loose ends are tied up.

4. Sort Out Your Taxes: File your final tax returns with the IRS and any state tax authorities. This step is crucial to make sure your company doesn’t owe any more taxes.

5. Wrap-Up Financial Affairs: Finally, close any company bank accounts, cancel any business licenses, and take care of any other financial obligations. Think of it as the last chapter in your company’s financial story.


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