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Stay organized and access your essential business documents with Clemta’s advanced document management solution. Find, review, and manage your files, both on your desktop and mobile devices.
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Simplified Document Management

Our document management helps businesses of all sizes maintain critical legal papers well-organized and easily accessible. Save time and reduce errors with our powerful tool tailored for efficient document storage.
Simplified Documentation

User-friendly Navigation

Quickly find the legal paper you’re looking for with our easy-to-use navigation system, which allows you to locate files easily in your storage.

Comprehensive Data Management

Document History

Keep track of your updates on legal papers with our document history feature, ensuring you always have access to previous versions and a clear understanding of the changes made over time.
Easy Access from Any Device

Mobile Access

Find and review your files on-the-way with Clemta’s mobile-friendly platform, allowing you to stay connected all the time.

Protect Your Documents

Secure Document Storage

Preserve your legal papers securely on Clemta’s platform, protected by bank-level encryption and strict security measures.

Team Collaboration

Share Documents Easily

Collaborate with your team on important legal papers, and ensure seamless communication and progress tracking.

Tailor-made for Your Needs

Customizable Folders

Organize your papers in customizable folders, streamline your document management process, and easily find specific files.


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We gathered all commonly asked questions regarding our document management tool below:

Clemta’s document management solution is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering a flexible and customizable platform that adapts to your specific needs.

While Clemta doesn’t offer a direct import feature, you can easily upload your documents manually to Clemta’s platform from your existing storage system and track all records in one place.

 Clemta uses bank-level encryption and strict security measures to ensure your documents are protected and confidential.

Yes, Clemta allows you to easily share your documents with team members or external partners by granting them access to specific files or folders.

Clemta offers different storage plans based on your business’ needs. Please refer to our pricing page for more information on storage limits and available plans.

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