How to Choose a Corporation Name?

Tips and legal restrictions for choosing a Delaware corporation name

Forming a company is a journey with key decisions to make during the whole incorporation process. The first of them is choosing the right name for your corporation. Since this name will act also as your full legal entity name, the decision on how to choose the accurate corporation name will have its results both in the legal and the business world. Now, let’s take a look at the required steps, to avoid any future disputes regarding your entity name.

How to Choose a Corporation Name?

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Depending on your company type, your full legal entity name will vary with the entity ending (‘suffix’). Entity ending is the last letters of a corporation’s full legal name, which is mostly designated as the ‘INC.’, ‘CORP.’, ‘CO.’ and so on. You are free to choose the relevant ending of your company, also complying with your company type. You have to keep in mind that the U.S. legal system restricts some wordings in entity naming; some of them are the word of ‘bank’ or having religious or illegal wording. You also have to decide on whether to put “dot” at the end of your entity name suffix; which is only an issue of keeping the consistency of your whole legal affairs. That means, having a dot as ‘Inc.’ or not having it as ‘Inc’ will not change your life in practice, but once you have put a ‘dot’ at the end of your entity name, you are obliged to use it with the dot afterward.

Happy to announce that Clemta.com offers a solution, covering the whole name availability and incorporation process. With Clemta you can now incorporate your business as an LLC or C-Corp from anywhere in the world! For more information on how to incorporate your business through Clemta and how much it will cost you, please check our Website or contact us through one of our emails [email protected] or [email protected].

Even if you are not thinking of incorporating in the short term, conducting a proper name check process will ease the first step of your corporate entrepreneurship journey. To conduct a proper entity name check in just a few seconds, you may visit the website of the Delaware Division of Corporations. This name search tool will show you both the availability of your entity name and the similar existing ones. Remember that the name search has been conducting in real-time so that repeating it just before the incorporation process will help to avoid any possible name disputes.

Conducting a proper name check and evaluating its legal conformity is a vital step in the incorporation journey. Clemta offers a complete consultancy in terms of your incorporation and post-incorporation procedures. With Clemta, you can apply for incorporation within minutes. You may check our website and pick out our services according to your needs with one-click. Clemta will handle the rest for you.

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