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Get a reseller certificate (reseller ID or seller’s permit) quickly and easily with Clemta’s expertise. Benefit tax exemptions on wholesale purchases and improve your bottom line!
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With Clemta, you can easily secure your seller’s permit, unlocking various tax benefits for your venture. We will save you time, money, and stress while you focus on growing your business.

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Our expert team streamlines the seller’s permit application process.

Expert Guidance

Receive your personalized support to ensure a successful application for your reseller ID.

Benefit Tax Exemptions

Allows your business to purchase goods tax-free for resale purposes.

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Utilize Clemta’s support to stay focused on the essential task of growing your business.
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Professional Guidance

Get tax exemptions for goods intended for resale with a reseller certificate or seller’s permit. Clemta professionals help with the application and guide you through tax benefits.
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The Process Explained

We will ask you a series of questions to assess your business’s eligibility for a reseller ID. We will then prepare and file your application before the state and handle the necessary paperwork to get the final certificate. It’s that simple!

Review your eligibility

Clemta’s team assesses your business to determine your eligibility for a seller’s permit.

Prepare application

We help you prepare the required documentation and information for your application.

Submit application

Clemta assists you in submitting your application to the appropriate state agency.

Monitor progress

We’ll keep you informed of the application’s status and any updates throughout the way.

Learn All the Essentials

We gathered all commonly asked questions regarding reseller certificate below:
A reseller certificate, also known as a sales tax permit or resale license, is a document that allows businesses to purchase goods tax-free for resale purposes. This certificate exempts your company from paying sales tax on wholesale purchases.
Obtaining a reseller certificate is essential for businesses that purchase goods for resale, as it exempts them from paying sales tax on such purchases. This can lead to significant cost savings, improving your business’ profitability.

The application period depends on the state and the complexity of the application. With Clemta’s expert guidance, the process can be streamlined, improving your chances of success in 1-3 weeks!

The validity period of a reseller certificate varies by state. Some states require periodic renewal, while others issue certificates with no expiration date. Clemta can help you understand and maintain the requirements for your specific state.

A reseller certificate is generally valid only in the state where it was issued. You may need to obtain separate reseller certificates for each state if you operate in multiple states.

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